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Andoran: Prologue
A non-commerical, non-linear, open-world RPG

Andoran is one of the three islands situated to the south of Black Marsh, the Argonian homeland. There are many climatic zones; an explorer will encounter gloomy caves, steep mountains, swift rivers, flowery meadows lost in boundless coniferous forests, as well as Daedric and Dwemeric ruins.

The island is inhabited; each settlement has its own unique architectural style relating to its history and geographical position. So the city founded by mages, for instance, can easily be distinguished from a fort town, and the purpose of each is clear from its distinct
appearance. The same also applies to the building interiors.

New music has been written specifically for the project and will enhance yet further the strong sense of immersion in the strange world of Andoran.

Charming scenery is in fact just a by-product of Andoran: Prologue. The development team has set itself the goal of creating an unusual story; you will have to make difficult choices, consider your every step very carefully and even think very carefully about the reasons for
other people’s actions and motivations. Each character you meet, whoever he or she may be, is an individual.

The Prologue will reveal the events which will eventually lead to the third part of the project, “Andoran: Nerevarine.” You will be invited to dive into the rich history of the archipelago, its past, present and even future. Here on the island you will make your own decisions and determine your own identity, and each variable will lead you to take your own decisive action.

Furthermore, you will encounter plenty of side quests, both long and short. Every quest will help immerse you in the world and reveal another missing piece of the Andoran puzzle.

Some specifics of the project are:
- total freedom. You are free to choose whom to be and what to do. Every avenue is open to you: become a smith or a knight or a pearl diver or a vampire...
- non-linear plot. In Andoran the main currency is information. He who possesses the necessary information will be able to influence events or even be able to change them in dramatic fashion.
- logical madness. Talking rats, bored fleas, horses walking on water, living cheese that you have to hunt (it’s very quick), meeting yourself. Indeed, this is only a small selection of the events you can expect to encounter in Axis, one of the game’s major areas. Sooner or later the madness will become logic, although extraordinary in nature.

Even before the release of Skyrim, the Andoran team had started work on transferring the project to the new Creation Engine. That decision meant we were able to include things of which the Oblivion engine is incapable, even expanding the gameplay possibilities along the way. Here is a short list of the new things which the Creation engine has allowed us to implement:
- full-scale battles on land and sea (with the player being able to participate)
- the possibility to buy every empty house
- painting and making music
- providing training to other characters
- employing couriers who can travel anywhere on Andoran
- renting rooms and houses for any length of time

We have also introduced the system of Daedric Ratings which will allow the environment and especially NPCs to react more realistically to interactions with you.

Just to be clear, transferring the game to the TES V engine doesn't imply that we will be using Skyrim’s game mechanics however. The role-playing system is closer to that in TES III: Morrowind in point of fact.

Official teaser:

http://www.andoran.com/screens/1_resize.jpg http://www.andoran.com/screens/3_resize.jpg http://www.andoran.com/screens/4_resize.jpg

Russian voiceover podcasts:
part 1, part 2 and part 3

Soundtrack samples (music by Arthur Baryshev):
Skogg, Boundary Forest and The Daedra Source

Our interviews:
to Machinima.com and to RPGItalia.net

The Andoran Team is looking for skilled and keen Modellers, Construction Set Specialists, Texture Artists and Translators (from Russian). If you would like to help us bring the world of Andoran to life and move the release date closer, please get in contact with us:

Vikart, Project Manager:

Or for Translators, Writers, Text Editors and Voice Actors, please email: andoran.translation@gmail.com or skype: AndoranTranslate.

Website, Twitter, Youtube channel and Facebook page.

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